Protocol Converters for standard and custom serial communications, discrete I/O, relay actuation, Synchro, and custom analog and digital hardware and firmware. Interfaces include ARINC 429, Mil-1553, ARINC-825, CAN, ModBus, Ethernet, RS-422, RS-232 and Torque converter.

Protocol Converters

DC to DC
Power Distribution Converters

Kimdu Technologies offers Power Distribution and Power Converter and Control solutions. Whether it's safely switching of multiple outputs or adding voltage conversion, Kimdu can help with your application.

Power Distribution/Converters

Protocol Converters


Photo Credit: C123 Aircraft by khunaspix     May 2013

Kimdu has the technology and experience and offers both standard and custom DC/DC power supplies for both rugged and Mil-Std-704 applications.


1553 to Ethernet Monitor

Synchro Converter

Synchro Converters

Kimdu has a line of multi-channel Synchro converters for both Synchro to Serial and Serial to Synchro functions. Both types can be ordered with up to three synchro channels. Semi-custom or fully custom units can be supplied with additional channels. Options available include synchro and reference voltages,  resolutions and accuracy.

Portable Testers

Rugged, Portable Testers

Thermocoupler Amplifiers

Thermocoupler Amplifiers

Thermocoupler Amplifiers

The Kimdu Portable Test Units are rugged, hand-held devices that can operate in the Test, Analyzer, and Monitor modes for the most widely used avionics data buses including ARINC-429, ARINC-575, ARINC-825 (Aero CAN), MIL-STD-1553, CAN, RS-422/232/485, and Ethernet. In addition, customized hardware can be installed.

Recently acquired by Kimdu, Hades Manufacturing offers a  complete line of fully isolated thermocouple signal conditioner amplifiers, Airborne-qualified 16-Channel thermocouple System and other related products. Thousands of units have been produced with essentially zero percent rejects which can be confirmed by our customers.

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We at Kimdu Technologies are always striving to offer the products you need along with excellent service and support. We are especially sensitive to customers with system requirements needing  customized solutions when off-the-shelf products do not answer all of your requirements. Instead of compromising, give Kimdu the opportunity to offer the complete solution you're looking for. Customized solutions from Kimdu are more cost efficient than you may think so give us a call to discuss your program.


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Kimdu Technologies has on staff professionals with over 30 years of experience in many areas of engineering including: general electronics, ground-based military and industrial systems, ship-based electronics, and avionics; from system level design through product implementation, integration, and test validation, verification, and qualification. Kimdu Technologies personnel handle both hardware and software including real-time embedded firmware. Our extensive background includes hands-on experience in electronic warfare systems, GPS-based navigation, MEMS-based navigation, course correction systems, battery switching and protection, electronic safe & arm, test equipment (both custom dedicated ATE and portable products meant for flight line and lab use). Programs have included: F-16, F-15, Air Force One, UH-60, AH-64 Apache, GPS-based MLRS, and many more. Custom and semi-custom work is a part of our features we offer to you. Replacing a large and expensive Electronic Safe & Arm (ESA) unit with a programmable, low-cost board-level product is one example of our abilities