Hades Manufacturing Corporation was opened in 1966 and acquired by Kimdu Technologies in 2017.

Products include: Fully isolated family of thermocouple signal conditioner amplifiers. Severe Airborne EMI environment version available: 200V(RMS)/Meter: Lab & Flight qualification tested and approved. Model No. NCA150.

Airborne TC Multiplexer (Scanner), 16 Channel solid state integrated circuit board with enable. (mvolt signal multiplexer also available; consult factory.) Models No. NUX711MA16 & Commercial Model No. NUX711.

Airborne 16 Channel Thermocouple System. Model No. RJI2816.

Encapsulated Subminiature Single-Channel Thermocouple Reference Junctions


Thermocouple Amplifiers

Junction Amplifiers


To verify the Hades capability and reliability, thousands of units have been produced with essentially zero percent rejects which can be confirmed by our customers. Our partial list of customers, with source inspection by some, include the following:


  • Air Canada

  • Ametek

  • Argonne National Labs

  • Bell Helicopter

  • Boeing Corp.

  • Boeing Vertol

  • Bendix Navigation & Control

  • Canadian Marconi

  • G.E.-Daytona, St. Petersburg, Syracuse, Schenectady, Orlando, Erie, Cleveland, etc.

  • Gould Inc.

  • Grumman Aerospace

  • Gull Airborne Instruments

  • I.B.M., various

  • Lockheed 

  • Lockheed Martin Marietta Corp.

  • NASA - Cape Kennedy, Lewis Research Center, Moffett Field, Marshall Space Center, etc.

  • Naval Air Station - Patuxent River

  • Omega Engineering

  • Pratt & Whitney

  • Smith, Kline & French Labs

  • Union Carbide

  • Westinghouse




Examples of standard products:

  • NDT150

  • NDT150J


  • HMCL150/P1.5K

  • HMCL150/P2.5K

  • NCAL50AK0/500F

  • NCAL52K0/300F

  • NCAL52K0/500F

  • NCE152K


  • NC1516k

  • NC143T

  • NC240K

  • NCA150-1

  • NCAL52K0/1000-3ft

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