Kimdu Technologies Product Lines

Kimdu Technologies line of protocol converters and power products will soon be joined by a series of new products such as Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC), Data Loggers and Mission Computers.  The SSPC series will include multi-channel board and chassis mounted products. The Mission Computer is a powerful, miniature, computer with lots of peripherals - perfect for UAV and systems with minimal available space.


Qualified Protocol Converter

The ASIU-E COTS, flight-qualified unit is packaged in a solid aluminum chassis. This Protocol Converter can translate between many interfaces. These include: ARINC-429/825/575/419, MIL-STD-1553, RS-232, RS-422, CAN/AeroCAN, USB, Ethernet 10/100, and Torque Conversion. Customized interfaces can also be supplied such as relays, discretes and other communication interfaces I/O's to the ASIU's capabilities. Relays have been added to open or close based on data received over a communication bus.

In addition, the ASIU's firmware can be customized to operate transparently - allowing the ASIU to operate without host intervention. Changes can be made to the firmware by uploading to the ASIU at the customer's site without having to return the unit to the factory.


Operating temperature is -40°c to +71°c.


Synchro to Serial Converter

The SSIU-C, Synchro to Serial Interface Unit contains up to three, independent, 16-Bit monolithic tracking Synchro/Resolver-To-Digital converters. Options include 1-Minute, 2-Minute, and 4-Minute accuracy. The digital outputs are translated and formatted by the embedded CPU and transmitted serially over RS-232 or RS-422 serial interface ports. All translated synchro data is transmitted with a Header indicating the Synchro channel the data was received from. Synchro and references signals are transformer isolated. Different Synchro and reference voltage input options available.


There is an additional [RS-232] Serial port that is dedicated for firmware updates which can be field up loadable. 


Optional output interfaces include ARINC-429 and Mil-Std-1553. Custom interfaces are our specialty.

Synchro Converter

Synchro to Digital 

Synchro to NMEA

Synchro to Serial

Synchro NMEA Protocol

Synchro to ARINC

Synchro to Ethernet

Operating temperature is -40°c to +71°c.


Power Supplies

The Kimdu Technologies Mil-Std-704 compatible COTS power supply modules are rugged, high-efficiency power supply for industrial and rugged applications. The power supply module is non-isolated and are offered with both single and multiple-output voltages. 


The single-voltage module can be ordered with different output voltages such as 12v, 5v, and 3.3v. The customer can order the module with non-standard output voltages. Contact Kimdu Technologies for information. The module can operate over a temperature range of -40°c to +71°c. Contact the factory for extended temperatures.


The mechanical size and shape can easily be modified according to your requirements.


1553 to Ethernet Monitor


The ASIU-L-002 is a small, portable, and rugged MIL-STD-1553 to Ethernet Monitor Unit. The ASIU-L-002 is available to support both TCP and UDP protocols. The unit transfers 1553 messages in real-time over the 10/100 Ethernet port. It operates as soon as power is applied. Ethernet configuration is available on the Ethernet configuration port.

In addition, the ASIU's firmware can be updated locally at the customer site via an RS232 upload port without having to return the unit to the factory.

The unit operates from a wide DC input voltage range and is supplied with a mating connector. The Mil-Std-1553 connectors are 

standard 1553 Twinax type.

Operating temperature is -20°c to +60°c.


Serial to Synchro Converter

The SSIU-T, Serial to Synchro Interface Unit (SSIU-T) contains up to three, independent, Digital-To-Synchro (D/S) converters. The serial inputs are translated and formatted by the embedded CPU for interfacing to the D/S converters. There is a dedicated [RS-232] Serial port that is used for firmware updates which can be field uploadable.


Options include 14 or 16 bit resolution along with different Synchro voltage outputs and Reference input voltage.

Communication input options include ARINC-429 in place of the RS-232/422 port along with ARINC-407, Mil-Std-1553, CAN and custom interfaces. 

Digital to Synchro

Serial to Synchro

ARINC to Synchro

Ethernet to Synchro

Operating temperature is -40°c to +71°c.

Custom Designs

Kimdu Technologies has vast experience with avionics systems from prime equipment through test and support equipment. Our employees have years of experience in the following fields:

  • Avionics Communication Buses

  • High Speed Digital Designs

  • State Machine based designs

  • Analog

  • Mixed signal

  • Battery switches and control

  • Electronic Safe and Arm 

  • ATE (19", portable)

  • GPS

  • Video


ARINC-429 Simulator

The ASIU-L Simulation unit comes with 8 ARINC-429 channels; four transmitters and four receivers are installed along with an RS-232  serial interface with programmable baud rates. The ASIU-L comes complete with a USB/RS-232 dongle for use with USB ports. No DLL's are required  and controlling the unit is a matter of sending strings to the unit. It is the perfect product for the Lab environment. 

Operating temperature is -20°c to +60°c.



Rugged, Portable FLT Tester

The Kimdu Portable Test Unit (PTU-100) is a rugged, hand-held device that can operate in the Test, Analyzer, and Monitor modes for the most widely used avionics data buses including ARINC-429, ARINC-825 (Aero CAN), MIL-STD-1553, CAN, RS-422/232/485, and Ethernet. In addition, customized hardware can be installed to allow for the addition of special functions such as Discrete I/O, A/D, D/A, Relays, and customer-defined interfaces. The customized hardware is accompanied by customized GUI interface software. More than one type of communication bus can be used concurrently.



The unit comes with a 7-inch Touch Screen TFT Display with a protective layer. The display brightness is 300cd/m2 with a Contrast Ratio of 500:1. The all-around viewing angle is between 70° to 75°. The display resolution is 800  x  480  with 65K  true  to  life  colors. Other displays are available as well as larger sizes and sunlight readable. Contact Kimdu sales for information.



In addition to the many data buses supported along with standard software packages, Kimdu can offer customized GUI software to fit your specific needs. Firmware updates are possible via a dedicated, PTU-100 Serial [loader] Port.

Thermocoupler Amplifies

Thermocoupler Amplifier

Recently acquired by Kimdu, Hades Manufacturing offers a fully isolated family of thermocouple signal conditioner amplifiers, Airborne 16 Channel thermocouple System. Thousands of units have been produced with essentially zero percent rejects which can be confirmed by our customers.