Synchro to Serial Converter


The SSIU-C, Synchro to Serial Interface Unit contains up to three, independent, 16-Bit monolithic tracking Synchro/Resolver-To-Digital converters. Options include 1-Minute, 2-Minute, and 4-Minute accuracy. The digital outputs are translated and formatted by the embedded CPU and transmitted serially over RS-232 or RS-422 serial interface ports. All translated synchro data is transmitted with a Header indicating the Synchro channel the data was received from. Synchro and references signals are transformer isolated. Different Synchro and reference voltage  options available.


There is an additional [RS-232] Serial port that is dedicated for firmware updates which can be field up loadable. 


Optional output interfaces include ARINC-429 and Mil-Std-1553. Custom interfaces are our specialty.

Synchro Converter

Synchro to Digital 

Synchro to NMEA

Synchro to Serial

Synchro NMEA Protocol

Synchro to ARINC

Synchro to Ethernet

Operating temperature is -40°c to +71°c.


Serial to Synchro Converter


The SSIU-T, Serial to Synchro Interface Unit (SSIU-T) contains up to three, independent, 16-bit, Digital-To-Synchro (D/S) converters. The serial inputs are translated and formatted by the embedded CPU for interfacing to the D/S converters. There is a dedicated [RS-232] Serial port that is used for firmware updates which can be field uploadable.


Options include different Synchro voltage outputs and Reference input voltages.

Communication input options include ARINC-429 in place of the RS-232/422 port along with ARINC-407, Mil-Std-1553, CAN and custom interfaces. 

Digital to Synchro

Serial to Synchro

ARINC to Synchro

Ethernet to Synchro

Operating temperature is -40°c to +71°c.


Synchro Interface Unit

SIU Chassis with connectors 2.jpg

The SIU, Synchro Interface Unit, has up to ten synchro and one Resolver inputs along with multiple synchro and resolver outputs.


The SIU can operate with either 90v synchro and 115v reference or 11.8v synchro and 26v reference signals. The SIU operates from a 28vDC which meets MIL-STD-704A-F.


Communication input via RS-422 and has extensive BIT capabilities. The SIU firmware can be field upgradeable using an RS-232 interface.

Operating temperature is -55°c to +71°c.